The monsters under the bed

We know the terms. Sabotage. Derail. Fall. Little mindset splinters that can really trip us up into believing the old version of the story. The version we have been led to believe or perhaps the one we have assumed. What lies under that self-sabotage is often a whole lot of dusty, creaky baggage that we somehow just can’t bring ourselves to face. The proverbial monsters under the bed, so to speak. We have a choice as to whether we show up for ourselves or let the splinters get under our skin. It’s weird but true. We humans often will continue to hurt ourselves to avoid the pain of facing something else. Remember as a kid when we finally did get the courage to look under the bed? Nothing there scaring us but....US! I caught myself today in a little lumpy loop of “but I don’t feel well” and “that will never work.” I decided to push through it and show up even though I didn’t want to because in the end I have to get from point a to point b anyway, so why not at least try the path that OFFERS resistance and see what’s on the other side? Sometimes we just need to push through it and try something new, or at least less splintery 😉

maria carola