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Ah, motherhood. The toughest and most rewarding job out there. I get it. I am a single, divorced mom of two middle schoolers. The school lunches, the homework, the hustling to and fro, household chores and of course the seemingly constant state of exhaustion and overwhelm. Motherhood is a beautiful, messy world. And believe it or not, it is possible to not only survive, but thrive! I have the tools to pivot you out of the muck and into the magic. Together let’s get you unstuck and into the life you want!


90-Day Total Transformation

Transformation begins with you. Yes you! I truly believe that you have everything you need already within you. I will lovingly hold that vision for you until you believe it too. In my signature program, 12 Steps to Shift, clients are empowered to step into their power and take action. Using proven transformational coaching and mindset techniques along with developing a deep self-care practice, this 90-Day program is designed to reframe, recharge and reset. Together, we will release you from whatever is stopping you from being your absolute most amazing self and kickstart you into bold, beautiful action steps to loving your life, and yourself, all within 90 days. Prepare for greatness, Momma.

Program includes 12 weekly private sessions, handouts, access to a Private Facebook group, text/email support and a box of curated self-care essentials for every mom.


Group Coaching

This is community and accountability at it’s finest. Join me and other moms in this 8-week group coaching experience where we will get clear on your goals, create action steps and give you the tools to put it all into motion. Space is limited to 8 women. 8 weeks, 8 mommas. Let the sparks fly!

Program includes 8 weekly group coaching sessions, handouts, access to a private Facebook group, text/email support and a special gift celebrating the tribe that is motherhood.


Not Your Usual Detox

Think Marie Kondo meets Mom Coach. In this 4-week detox program we will get down and dirty and declutter your mind, body, and space. This is a crash course in self-care and habit change. What we think, eat, and surround ourselves with impacts our overall health in all the ways. Clutter, be it mental or physical, is a huge obstacle to being your best. We will clear surfaces, purge closets, release what no longer serves us and we might even get a weekly menu planned (shhh, don’t tell).

Program includes 4 weekly private sessions, handouts, recipes, tips, text/email support and a special gift for your fancy new decluttered self.


Self-Care Package

You know how when you have a baby and all of the gifts are for the little one and not really for you (let alone all of the macaroni art on Mother’s Day)? Well, that changes right now. This delicious self-care package is filled to the brim with essentials for every mom. Think Birch Box meets Fairy Godmother.

For a limited time only, for every one box purchased, we will donate a self-care package to a mom-in-need.

I was shocked at how seemingly simple Maria’s approach was. She made it feel so natural. Amazing.
— Catherine

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