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Meet Maria

The truth is, my life before becoming a coach was not always the healthiest or the calmest. There was too much stress, caffeine and alcohol and not enough restorative rest or self-care. There was trauma and loss growing up, which continued into adulthood. I was married at 30, had a miscarriage at 34, and struggled for three years with undiagnosed back-to-back postpartum depression, anxiety and PTSD after the birth of my two children. I had given up my successful career in New York City to move to the suburbs and be a full-time mother, and my “perfect” marriage was falling apart. I was nearly 40 and I had no idea who I was anymore.

There was a moment when I was floating on my back in a swimming pool and I heard that small voice inside me say “The time is now. You can do this.” It felt like my life had been a series of rollercoasters looping around the same track. I knew the patterns, but I didn’t know how (or didn’t want) to break them. I was scared.

In that moment, suspended and floating in that warm water, the fear subsided and a confidence and clarity washed over me. Stay true to yourself. It was time.

I am by no means perfect now (is anyone?) but I am more mindful. I pay attention to what foods give me power and which ones take it away. I enjoy wine and the occasional cocktail but I am sure to drink more water. I get more sleep, but am careful not to hide away and get too much. I exercise for my body but also for my mind. And I surround myself with people, environments and experiences which lift me up, rather than bring me down.

Eight years later, with two degrees, three certifications, thousands of hours of research, and investing in myself to further my education, I am here to offer the best of my personal and professional experience to help you stop feeling less than and start feeling empowered — with clarity and confidence — to show up for yourself and be your best. No matter what.


My Approach

I believe that everyone has the power and capacity to achieve their wildest dreams, and that everything they need is already within them. I lovingly hold that vision for my clients until they believe it too.

By using proven mindset techniques and establishing core self-care routines, I give my clients the tools needed to reframe and reset their perspective while working to identify the pattern that is keeping them stuck — in all areas of personal growth— and help them get “unstuck” by opening them up to all the possibilities they didn’t previously see.

And in so doing I give my clients the ability to create lasting change.


Heal and restore.

My program is designed to nourish your well-being as a whole — mind, body and spirit. Together we will uncover a new way of self-care that balances life’s hectic routines with a philosophy and mindset that helps you slow down and appreciate the beautiful magic in the mess.


You have the power.

You are holding the power right now. We all have the potential, ability and strength within us to be our best. Sometimes we need to shift our perspective and try looking at things another way in order to unlock the wondrous possibilities available to us.


Rise and transform.

Together we will unearth your ability to continually show up for yourself with hope, courage and resilience. Transformation begins with you. Give yourself permission to shine. Give yourself permission to be, and to live, who you truly are.

Professional Bio


Certified Life Coach (CLC); Certified Health Coach (CHC); BA in Psychology

With heart, humor and authenticity, Maria seeks to bring out the best in people — body, mind and soul. She is the founder and owner of Maria Carola Coaching, LLC. and is also the face and the founder of Momma Mosaic, a community dedicated to celebrating the complexities of motherhood, which was spurred by her personal experience with birth trauma and postpartum depression. Maria is a transformational life and wellness coach, writer, speaker, award-winning photographer, a trained birth/postpartum doula, an Ambassador for 2020 Mom (2017 Ambassador of the Year), on the GLAM4GOOD Advisory Council for Women+Girls and served as interim PR/Marketing Board Chair for Postpartum Support International.

Maria holds a B.A. in Psychology from Goucher College and completed additional course work in Psychology at New York University. She completed mental health internships in the Neuropsychology Department at Columbia University, The Kennedy Krieger Institute, Sheppard Pratt Hospital and was a caseworker in Baltimore, MD. She is also a trained Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer for children in foster care (Baltimore, MD and New York, NY). She studied coaching at Health Coach Institute and has been mentored by some of today’s leading coaches and changemakers.

Maria lives in Brooklyn, NY with her two children and rescue cat, Lady aka “Ladle von Trouble."




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